16 Jun 2010

Aku Dia & Cinta : Baby Diapers Bag

Sekarang kami laki bini tgh teruja dgn benda alah ni...

gambar-gambar dari Mama Paradise , Happy Mom
compartment details :
Award Winner & Is Show Cased Around The World
- Large Compartments With Many Pockets
- Sidewall Fully Padded & Insulated
- Stylish Hardcase For Added Protection
- Divider Can Be Rolled Up. Isulated Bottle Holder Inside
- Bag Opens Up 45 Degree Angle For Easy Access
- There Is A Special Stroller Strap Which Can Be Strap Onto Stroller
- Comfortable & Adjustable Shoulder Straps
- Multipurpose Changing Mat Included - Excellent Bag For Diaper, Baby Accessories, Sports, Biking, Schools & Etc
- Water Resistance
- Size : 30L x 15W x 36H cm
- Special Design With Printed Fusion Flower Motive
so far yang aku tau, bag ni available in limited color of Black, Blue and Gray. Compartment dalam quite ok...lagi OK sbb yang tukang bayo pun suka giler kat bag ni..

hasil peng-gugel-an aku, setakat ni...ni la senarai web/blogger yang jual menda nih :

Babycare aivee-emart anaqishop luvable kids nurmia dan banyak lagilah..

cuma aku lom tgk bloggers penang je lagi jual menda ni...

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